The Olympiad project «Museums. Parks. Estates» has been held since 2015 by the Department of Education and Science together with the Department of Culture of the City of Moscow. A significant role in it is occupied by museums that prepare tasks for the participants of the Olympiad at their expositions.

The project gives children the opportunity to show their abilities, and at the same time to expand their horizons in a playful way, learning a lot about Moscow, its history and Russian culture, participating in competitions for erudition and attentiveness. For museums, parks and estates in Moscow, it is a way to get interested in a new way not only for children of 5−6 years old, participating schoolchildren, college students, but also their parents and teachers.

As a part of the Olympiad, children (and teams of students accompanied by adults) visit museums, parks and estates and perform tasks, answer questions, solve puzzles related to the cultural objects they have chosen.

N. A. Ostrovsky State Museum — Cultural Center «Integratsia» has been opening its doors to the participants of the Olympiad for several years. Every year the museum staff develops questions for a correspondence and face-to-face exposition tour of our museum. This year we have prepared tasks for children of almost all of ages: from preschoolers (5−6 years old) up to and including the 11th grade students. Please note that this season a special application has been developed for participants to electronically send responses on the face-to-face tour, and much more.

The tenth season of the Olympiad «Museums. Parks. Estates» starts on 7th of October in the afternoon at the Nickolay Ostrovsky Museum.

Before visiting, an appointment by phone is required: 8 (495) 629- 49−20, 8(495) 629−85- 52, 8 (903) 118 -89−32

More information about the Olympiad project «Museums. Parks. Estates» you can get on the official website.